Dear M.E

Dear M.E


Thats all i really have to say to to right now. Just go, give me a break, I’m tired of feeling like this, i really am,

I can’t stay warm, i can’t remember anything, i can’t hold any conversations, and i can’t hear out of my left ear! going to the toilet feels like climbing a mountain, i feel awful, and i just want a break, a breather.

M.E to be honest, I think you and I should break up.

Yours Bitterly



Dear M.E

I’m getting used to the words incurable, painful, and the sentence, “Its hard to diagnose and difficult to treat.”

You started off in my life as bouts of severe fevers, headaches, swollen glands, and many missed days of school. I was four. When I started secondary school the stress of the change encouraged you to grow, you became all the more vicious. i missed so much school and then that same year my great grandma grew sick, the worry, stress and grief was something you fed off of, you stormed my body like an army, I cried from grief and from pain, i could barely move, days, weeks, months off of school, so they started to call in the social workers, dragging me out of class to meet this smarmy women who was determined to convince me i was fine. The odd day I made it there my teachers gave me disapproving stares, my friends were used to me not being there, The only place i wanted to be was at home.

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