Dear M.E

When asked the question, “If you could go back ten years knowing all you know now, would you?” I think of all the things i’ve had power to change, the things I would change about myself now, and answer no. because all the time machine’s ¬†in the world, all the hours taken back, recounted, like miles in reverse, would not change you, M.E, you were not a mistake i made as a child, like falling off the climbing frame, you were a fate forced upon me with inevitability, ten years back in in time would not change you, only lengthen you, that piece of string you are would grow inexplicably longer.

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Dear M.e

Shushhh. ShUT UP. I kind of wish you were a separate entity I could make a deal with, compromise with, or ideally leave far, far behind, ditch you on the side of the road or something and drive off with glee. ¬†But you’re like a internal¬†rumpelstiltskin, you have a price for everything, the small print with you is so tiny and elaborate I never quite know what I’m signing away.

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