Dear M.E

Of course we have found some things that have helped.

I am one of the lucky ones, as i have a family who put energy and hope to curing you, The kind i cannot muster, when I give up I have them. My mum, aunt, grandparents, even my quiet dad who have no idea what you are.

I am renownedly sceptical of trying new fads, my cynicism roots from my need to not get hopes up. but i am glad i have them to hope for me. because I have resigned myself to a lifetime with you, I know for  fact Dystonia doesn’t go away, and I’ve been with you for so long it’s its hard to believe you’ll ever let me go. This doesn’t mean I stop trying, it just means I stopped expected they’ll be a time in my future without you.

My “after M,E” stopped getting a bigger a few years ago, I realised that I need to stop waiting for my life to start, that this could be all I have, but Man, am i glad I have people around me to tell me It’s gonna get better, they keep me on the borderline of giving up, far enough away to give me courage to try.

And I found things that works, things that balance you and I:

VegEPA, i never thought this would work, this was the first thing, that truly worked, if i miss my doses now, and return to what it was like before VegEPA, I reminded of what a miracle this little  pill is, and you don’t even know its working until 6 months later and forget to take it. I take 10 a day. 5 pills in the morning and 5 in the evening, I down them all at once, an impressive skill, I admit.

With this, I take Serrepeptese, another little miracle, eases the joint pain, and aches. 3 in the morning, 3 in the evening.

And lastly I take L,Glutamine. about two years ago, the copious amount of painkillers I take to deal with you, had their effect: A crippling stomach ache, that actually made me scream. As you know, you and I react badly to most prescribed drugs, so i found L,Glutamine, within one dose, the screaming pain subsided enough for me to eat, which I hadn’t done for weeks before hand.

Now, these three little cures are part of my everyday, and Its all because of you. i wish one day, I won’t have to down 10 pills at once, 20 pills in a day. I hope one day you I find freedom, because god knows, I need it.

Yours bitterly



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